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Spider Control

Female giant house spider, or hobo spider (Eratigena duellica) on a white wall. Isolated.

Pest Patrol's Spider Control Service is Top Notch! 

There is a variety of spiders that will invade your home, some more dangerous than others. Some to look out for are the Brown Recluse and Hobo spider.

Sightings: Typically in basements, crawl spaces, attic spaces, window frames, outdoor lights, and even in cardboard boxes. 

Prevention: Seal entry points, Dust along walls & ceiling for webs, Vacuum corners often, and reduce moisture around the home.  

Spider Control 

Free Inspection

Your service technician will conduct a customized spider inspection. 

Interior Services

Custom Service unique to your spider issue. Areas of concentration: Baseboards, cracks & crevices, windows & door frames. All while focusing on finding harboring locations that spiders call home. 

Exterior Services

Includes inspecting harborage areas where spiders like to hide and de-webbing all accessible areas to remove and disrupt the existing spiders. Then, spraying cracks and crevices with a perimeter spray to keep spiders away. 

 Spider Removal Experts

What Makes Pest Patrol unique is the custom approach we take for every spider service we do. We treat your Home or business as if it was our place. Customizing each service. Implementing a step-by-step seasonal strategy to keep Hobo spiders, Brown Recluse, and Black Widows from causing harm to you and your family.

Safe & Effective Treatments, Pet-Friendly.

Schedule today!  

Pest Patrol's Spider Extermination Service
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