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Gopher & Squirrel Control - Wildlife Removal

Eliminate Burrowing Rodents! 

Controlling gophers and squirrels requires an approach that utilizes experience and skill. From gassing, trapping or baiting we will come up with the right plan to control your gopher or squirrel problem. We offer pet-friendly and poison-free methods to make sure you and your pets are safe. All methods focus on the tunnel system to prevent further damage & infestation to yards, fields, and crops. 


Gopher Activity
Pet-Friendly Gopher Control-Gopher Elimination. Poison Free Gopher Removal
Gopher Treatment-Baiting. Gopher Extermination.

Burrow Treatments

Burrow Treatments

Our Burrow Treatment program works on Gophers, Voles, and Squirrels.

We offer pet-friendly & effective solutions.   

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